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I Shot the Lion and the Lion Won

August 1, 2015

I don’t really get hunting. There are some people who live a lifestyle where they gather the food they need by hunting various game and I understand the logic of that. Then there are people who like to hunt as an activity, but also clean and get the meat out of those animals as a supplement to their own purchased food supply. If you’re going to eat meat anyway, I suppose killing it yourself makes as much sense as anything else. Now, your average vegetarian has a list of reasons why everyone should not eat meat, which would be impossible to sustain under our current distribution system for food. However, the hunters who shoot animals for trophies seem a little ghoulish.

I may or may not like Walter Palmer and his penchant for going overseas and shooting (with a bow and arrow recently) exotic animals. I don’t even support his right to do so. However, I am concerned when the United States government jumps the gun on promising to extradite an American citizen ahead of a legal process. Some of that has cooled down and the US Fish and Wildlife Service will look into what was apparently and illegal kill of a lion in Zimbabwe by Dr. Palmer.

With all due respect, Zimbabwe is a mess. Since its creation in 1980, the country experienced years of hyper-inflation to the point where the average person who had a job was making trillions of Zimbabwe dollars a week. Robert Mugabe has melded socialist economic policies and draconian social policies into a unique form of fascism. At minimum, the United States needs to define limits on what punishment Palmer can get if found guilty. I suspect the answer may be as simple as a payoff. Zimbabwe does almost all of its business in US dollars now, since paper currency became practically impossible in Zimbabwe dollars.


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