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The Clinton Residency | July 30, 2015

It looks like Hillary Clinton is going down in some way or other before the Democratic Convention. Personality, e-mails and general unpopularity are making other candidate increasingly attractive. While I don’t want Hillary to be the next president, I do want her to be the nominee for her party.

In 2008, Rush Limbaugh described a plan called “Operation Chaos.” After the Edwards debacle, the anti-Hillary vote started to form around a half-term governor senator named Barack Obama. Due to his late start and lack of resume, Obama lost in early polls to Hillary. The party’s super delegates stepped in, sometimes switching their pledged votes. When things were going against Hillary, Limbaugh suggested Republicans, who were getting McCain, like it or not, to change their registration and vote in Democratic primaries for Hillary Clinton. That might have been a good idea.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are less horrible Democrats because they care about their legacy. Bill Clinton has been one of the most public former presidents in history, and he had a cardiac episode. Someone like Barack Obama (and some of the potential successors to him) are honey badgers, they don’t give a shit. Obama will retire to some place where he can either live in a Hawaiian bubble or a Chicago one like murderer Bill Ayers exists in where no one calls him a murderer. Even if the Clintons don’t have a conscience, they have advisers who simulate one. All of Obama’s minions have had their souls removed under their Obamacare plans.


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  1. No matter how dishonorable they are, even immoral, the Clinton’s are not evil. obama is evil through and through, in the full theological sense.

    Comment by Mary — July 30, 2015 @ 10:37 pm

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