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Not Afraid of Trump | July 27, 2015

My feelings about the Donald Trump presidential campaign have always been mostly concern, although his supporters have been painting any criticism of Trump as fear of him “shaking things up” or “telling the truth” or other BS. In 2012, there were about a half-dozen “front-runners” before Romney ran away with the nomination. My money is on Walker doing that this year. Trump may also drop out early when people date him and marry a more established candidate.

My concern is close to a fear of someone spoiling the contest in such a way that it gives enough votes to the Democrats. If Trump completely goes off the rails and says Republicans are the worst losers in the world and everyone should stay home, it could affect the election. One theory holds that Ralph Nader may have shifted the vote just enough in 2000 (people who voted for him plus people who stayed home because they didn’t like the alternative) that Florida went to Bush by 500 votes. That is my fear. Trump is just a fear monger.


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  1. If Trump completely goes off the rails

    Always a possibility, but a genuine probability?

    Comment by Mary — July 27, 2015 @ 11:15 pm

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