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Bush 3 or Clinton 3: Oh Hell No! | July 22, 2015

To put things in perspective, we are still more than 15 months away from Election Day 2016. Of the 17(!) Republicans running for the nomination, I suspect half of them won’t be viable by the date of the first primary. Trump can run as long as he wants to spend his own money. Bush has other people’s money. Marco Rubio has some establishment ties. Scott Walker is a combination of good qualifications without an off-putting personality. As far as the rest, it’s anybody’s guess.

My opinion on the Democrats is aside from all of them sucking, Hillary Clinton does not have what it takes to win. People do not like her. People don’t like Obama, either, but not enough people knew he was an asshole. Clinton has had two decades to put people off. Democrats have had disturbingly god luck putting up people with little information and crafting a story. That will be tough with Elizabeth Warren, but they really like socialists.

The good news is that I am about 99% sure that the ultimate contest will not be Bush v Clinton, again.


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  1. I am about 99% sure …

    Coming from you, 15, I take that forecast seriously

    Thought you might get a giggle out of Anthony’s blog on Trump

    Comment by Mary — July 23, 2015 @ 1:15 am

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