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Abortion is About the Money | July 21, 2015

In a little noticed blog post of mine nearly 6 years ago, I mentioned Obama lifting the ban on research using new “lines” of embryonic stem cells. What you may remember is Michael J. Fox going in front of Congress to claim that more stem cell research could cure him. You might also remember the media backlash when Rush Limbaugh pointed out that Fox looked more symptomatic than usual during that testimony. What the result of half a decade of research? Michael J. Fox and others downplay the importance of stem cells in favor of pharmaceutical solutions.

So now we have more “research” that seems to be like hydrogen fuel cells, always 10 years away, every 10 years. Money is going to these projects and babies are being chopped up and sold like fancy Soylent Green. Seriously, Hannibal Lecter could buy fetal liver with his Chianti. Stem Express is making out like a bandit (who steals babies and dissects them) while paying Planned Parenthood transport fees. You would think they could pick up grim remains for free, but then there would be no legal kickback.

The road map for the Obama term was to get the money first, then change policy later. The results of policy are really coming fast now. However, things like the Stimulus (and the billions of missing dollars) and the early decision to make fetal remains profitable made sure that benefactors were paid first. Remember the auto bailout? The unions got paid off and the actual financial investors were screwed. The left is so obvious these days, I rarely try to “prove” the reality to anyone anymore. If they can’t see it with their own eyes, they’ll need some stem cells to grow some brain cells.


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