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Trump Lost a Long Time Ago | July 20, 2015

I never really confuse politicians who are outrageous with the ones who are resolute. Bill Clinton had three things going for him in 1992. Most Democrats didn’t jump in because Bush looked too hard to beat. Bush lost support quickly over 1992 and Bill Clinton was outrageous. I’m partially talking about the draft dodging, pot smoking and bimbos, but even what he said was bold on occasion. Look at Sister Souljah.

Just to show left-wing dogma never changes, Sister Souljah tried to spout the same “Black lives matter” message during the LA riots. In her case, she argued that Black people should stop killing Black people for a week and start killing Whites instead. Clinton went to the Rainbow Coalition and said if Black and White were reversed in her statement, it would sound like David Duke. Of course, that isn’t true. Duke never advocated for White people to kill Black people. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton recently tried to say all lives matter and was practically called a racist.

Trump is outrageous, but not resolute. Last weekend, he started to say that Sen. John McCain wasn’t a war “hero,” but the negative reaction was palpable and he backtracked in the same sentence. Instead, he claimed that McCain was only a hero because he was captured and that he liked people who aren’t. This isn’t some faux pas. Trump will invariably say things that are offensive to most people along with the things that are offensive to only some people. Trump has changed his opinion on abortion, gave money to numerous Democrats in New York with the implication that donations are a form of bribery and made a mockery out of the media’s lack of curiosity about Obama by constantly asking for a “birth certificate” even after one was signed off by Hawaii’s chief health official.

I would like it if Scott Walker would talk tough on immigration, but he has a lot of other issues he is strong on. Walker is resolute. Thanks to Trump, immigration will be a radioactive issue until at least 2016. Good for you, Donald. Now get the hell out of the race.


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  1. Populists are not long-distance runners.

    Comment by Mary — July 21, 2015 @ 2:21 am

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