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Ready for Hillary (to Lose) | July 13, 2015

Some of the more ardent PUMAs in 2008 were not initially Hillary Clinton supporters. Many of them started off as fans of John Edwards, who as the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate in 2004 was an attack dog for liberal issues as well as the guy who refused to concede to the Bush campaign on Election Night. I always figured Edwards was the choice of people like George Soros because he was popular and dirty enough to do the bidding of his backers. That’s why the Obama campaign had to take him out early.

Hillary Clinton’s high negatives among Republicans in 2008 increased the GOP’s chances of winning the election. Obama benefited by clueless Republican-leaning voters who believed his bullshit about non-partisanship. Clinton would not get such a fair hearing. She gets out the votes for the other side and I think the Democrats know it. That’s the “conspiracy” that got Obama the nomination.

Now, Hillary Clinton has high negatives among her own party. Some are disgruntled that she worked for Obama. Some hopefully find her at fault for the handling of Benghazi. Others don’t think she’s liberal enough. That’s ironic because Obama was a stealth leftist. Even though she seems like a player, she has about as much chance of being president as Donald Trump. Maybe I should vote Hillary in the primaries next year.


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  1. I really hope your take on her chances is right. And let’s hope Sanders is the left’s best alternative.

    Comment by Mary — July 14, 2015 @ 2:11 am

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