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A Cost / Benefit Ratio | July 8, 2015

I’m concerned about the people who talk about being fans of Donald Trump and making support decisions based on how other Republicans treat him. I am reasonably confident that when Trump loses the GOP nomination, (and he will) people will get behind the eventual nominee. I supported Romney after writing that he couldn’t win for the previous 3 years. Unfortunately, I was right. Trump is the definition of a spoiler. Really, his only “issue” is immigration.

In business terms, I wonder what the cost / benefit ratio is with Donald Trump. Does he alienate potential Republican voters or does he gain new ones? Will he pledge to get behind the eventual GOP nominee or will he relentlessly bash anyone who said an unkind word to him? Finally, will he make any difference in the immigration debate, or will he scare away the people who want border security because they don’t want to look like extremists?


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  1. I agree that he won’t be the nominee (though he’s a born VP if ever there was one), but I’m hoping his decisiveness and courage to speak the anti-left truth will bring undecided voters to the GOP. I also don’t think he’ll be vindictive and splinter the Party further. And depending on his numbers and fund-raising talent, another candidate may nee and welcome his support.

    Comment by Mary — July 8, 2015 @ 11:36 pm

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