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This Post is Illegal | July 7, 2015

Since Donald Trump announced his run for president, he’s been under attack specifically for his opinions on illegal immigration. He said that Mexico does not send their best across the border. This is true. Mexicans who are successful in Mexico either stay in Mexico or go through the legal process for citizenship. Walking across a desert or being packed into a truck are methods of last resort. Trump also said that criminals are coming. That makes perfect sense. If coming to the US means that your identity is essentially erased, someone with a bad history would be the most willing to make that change.

When he said that illegals coming over were criminals, murderers and rapists, it was shortened to “Mexican immigrants are rapists” to “Mexicans are rapists” in short order. Ironically, some of the left’s own publications revealed that Mexican smugglers are nearly all rapists, with some 80% of women being smuggled across suffering sexual assault on their way to the US. The Democrats might have gotten away with painting Trump as exaggerating, except that some multiple border crosser had to go and kill an American in broad daylight in a sanctuary city.

The fact that we don’t know who the hell is coming over and that cities like San Francisco are making it impossible to identify illegal aliens is enough reason to secure the border. However, the reason for poking holes in the border don’t even make sense. Supposedly, the jobless men and the pregnant women with anchor babies are not coming for government handouts, but to do the work “Americans won’t do.” Is that really the case?

I worked for years at jobs that paid minimum wage or maybe $1 an hour above it. The jobs weren’t back braking, but that’s a good thing. Back breaking jobs are bad because they are physically damaging. Instead of using labor-saving machines, employers can use the machines known as illegal aliens to shorten their quality of life, but only years after they’re done at the job site. How do they live on the low wages? Illegal aliens live, surprise, illegally in housing in much closer quarters than building codes would allow.

Trump may be rich, but he is taking on the richest people in this country, all the left and right-wing interest groups making trillions of dollars perpetuating a broken immigration system. If he can beat them, he’ll have my respect.


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  1. By exposing the truth,he has already begun beating them. But the knee-jerk liberals, including the msm, will do their bullying best to silence him. Further, his own party is afraid to support him because they fear losing the Hispanic vote–even though they haven’t got ere clue as to where most Hispanics stand on illegal immigration (they’re against it).

    Comment by Mary — July 8, 2015 @ 3:22 am

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