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Don’t Count On It | July 6, 2015

Hillary Clinton has had to walk back her staff’s antics with a moving rope line by offering more accessibility. The die-hards who love Hilalry loved showing disrespect to the press. They also failed to win her the nomination or lose Obama the general election in 2008. One person becoming more accessible is Bernie Sanders. He has a shot at winning an early (but meaningless) caucus or primary. The same can be said of Trump, provided another shiny object doesn’t shut him down first.

While Trump vs. Sanders would be fun to watch, it’s not going to happen. At least Giuliani vs. Clinton was possible. The ones who founded the United States wanted voted to be based on ideas, not money or party. Well that, like half of the Constitution, is out the window. Sanders has no real revenue sources except for dwindling unions. Trump has no one who will fund his campaign but him. For my money, I think Marco Rubio is a real contender because Democrats have declared open season on him. Maybe Scott Walker can be Vice President.


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