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Some Day in July | July 3, 2015

Of all the various secular and religious holidays, the Fourth of July is the only federal one they insist be observed on the date in which it falls. Today is the third and it is a bank holiday. Certain companies that operate 5 days a week get the closest work day to the actual holiday as the “holiday.” The Post Office gives its workers Saturday, even if many employees aren’t on anyway. Many retail places are still open. Some will be open on Saturday as well. Where I work, it’s usually 5 days a week and we are entitled to a day between Monday and Friday where we don’t have to come in.

It’s interesting that the modern world considers it some kind of slavery for people to come in to a place for 260 days in a year. In the US we get a handful of recognized days (excluding retail). In other countries, workers are mandated to have weeks of time off. However, if you were a farmer, this would not be the case. Cows have to be milked every day. Most animals like to eat more than once a day. There is something to be said for family time, but it has become harder for businesses to reward the dedicated worker without making the less dedicated family employee feel slighted.

The founders of this country often served double duty. They were architects of government, soldiers and farmers at various times. Many of those days couldn’t be simply taken off. As long as we have the holiday tomorrow, (and possibly today as well) I hope everyone observes the date as the one where we declared independence from a cruel madman. Otherwise, we’re just celebrating some extra day off in July.


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  1. Now if only the Repubs will get their act together, our Republic still has an 11th hour chance.

    Comment by Mary — July 4, 2015 @ 11:57 pm

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