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WordPress Partisan Banner – Day 3 | June 28, 2015

I saw an article linked on my trip through The Crawdad Hole today. It’s very interesting in that it discusses the fall of the Roman Empire in economic terms. Rome had an advanced society and successful entrepreneurs and a form of democracy. What took it down was socialism that existed before socialism had a name.

The rulers of Rome found that a passive population was easier to handle. So, they chose to entertain them and feed them cheaply. They enacted a maximum price for food, pushing farmers into poverty. Those farmers moved to the city where subsidies kept them fed. The payouts to non-workers created a coin with less metal (inflation) and the collapse of buying power. As prices were fixed further, farmers and their products became scarce. People fled the cities to live off the land. However, having no businesses to help them, they could only farm to subsistence, not having proper clothing or tools available.

Ultimately, society disintegrated from the inside of Rome outward. This week, so many progressives had to prove they were right due to a few social victories. I do not have to prove I am right. If the United States collapses, it proves what I think is happening. I am only trying to stop what is wrong. Only people who are wrong need to bother convincing people they are right.


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  1. The Empire managed to last 700 years, we’ll be lucky to see 300. 😉

    Comment by DeniseVB — June 29, 2015 @ 7:14 am

    • That’s the good thing about slow mail. If the empire had had Twitter they’d not have made it past 300, themselves. Take heed all ye who have ears to hear……😉

      Comment by 49erDweet — June 29, 2015 @ 1:01 pm

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