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The European Wage | June 15, 2015

Los Angeles made the unsurprising step of creating a local minimum wage of $15 per hour. This is considered a victory for two liberal factions, the lower class who think that’s a lot of money and the upper class who think it’s not a lot of money. I’m tired of arguing with idiots, so I will go math free on this one.

In Europe, many of the guaranteed employment and wages are a part of daily life. I’ve already pointed out that working is generally optional since the dole works well for many. Businesses can’t really say the same. McDonalds in France put in thousands of automated kiosks to increase order accuracy. I guess not having to employ thousands of people was just a bonus.

So, good luck with your new wage. It’s entirely theoretical since it will be hard to find an unskilled employee making that amount.


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  1. They don’t call it LaLa Land for nothing.

    The ensuing stampede of illegals from the borer will create a glut of teen-aged uninsured motorists. At least teens flipped burgers to pay their car insurance during my high school teaching years.

    Comment by Mary — June 16, 2015 @ 1:00 am

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