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Who’s Taking the Fall? | June 14, 2015

Since the Republicans took control of both houses of Congress, the front-runners for the presidency have been Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. Both have the money advantage and therefore an organization. They both have tacit support of their national party. Popular support is something of an afterthought. It’s also the reason why neither front-runner got their party’s nomination in 2008.

Jeb Bush will announce his run this week and Hillary re-announced her run this weekend. Neither has overwhelming support among primary (or caucus) voters. My guess is that one of them will suffer the loss of the nomination. Bush has the worst chances because as each of the dozen or so GOP candidates runs out of money, they could endorse anyone but Bush. Democrats of late tend to fall in line. Beating Hillary would require another Obama-style campaign designed to go after super delegates and party insiders. Don’t discount displeasure with Hillary. It knocked her out of the nomination in 2008.

I’m not one of those “both parties suck” iconoclasts. One is rotten to the core, the other is only highly corrupted. I could have lived with McCain or Romney as president, I just suspected they couldn’t win. Ultimately, I’d rather have a Republican who’s not that conservative win the presidency than whatever label some Democrat applies to herself.


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  1. .whatever label some Democrat applies to herself

    Clinton, in the first primary, labelled elf a “moderate progressive,” ehich is much like being “a little bit pregnant.” Since then, she has proven herself a lying, cheating snake. So I agree with you: any Repub over her, even my bottom-
    of-the-barreloroy, Rick Santorum.

    Comment by Mary — June 14, 2015 @ 10:41 pm

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