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Hillary 2.0 | June 11, 2015

The story is that Hillary Clinton is relaunching the campaign that hasn’t gone anywhere just in time for Jeb Bush to announce a campaign everyone has known about for months. This is the drawback of the primary process. You need to run to start collecting money for a campaign. The people with the least chance jump in as soon as they can sustain a campaign to get early access to money. Still, everyone has to get in at some point. The first actual votes are more than half a year away, but the reduced debate schedule and an open field has made the GOP slate too big to hold a debate.

Hillary has a different problem. She has to collect money as well, but the Clinton Foundation is there to create the list of donors. They will get the same (or more) priority access as the shady people tho contributed to the Foundation earlier. People just don’t like her. She was the lightning rod that helped derail “Hillarycare” in 1993. Conservatives find her too liberal, liberals don’t find her liberal enough. She is neither as personable or as willing to cut deals as Bill Clinton was.

Restarting her campaign is violating the rules of the Obama campaign machine. Their strategy was always to run the emperor with no clothes, convince the media he had the best clothes and destroy and intimidate the people who pointed out he had no clothes. Hillary Clinton is in a reaction mode, but not one that will lead to better campaigning. If the Republicans are lucky, she will be the candidate for the Democrats who is bad enough to counteract the lousy campaigns that Republicans have recently waged.


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  1. And it will be the death of the Repub party, currently on life support, if a disliked and disparaged Hillary Clinton beats them.

    Comment by Mary — June 12, 2015 @ 12:46 am

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