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GOP Rising | June 7, 2015

Since the Democrats burdened America with Obamacare, Republicans have been winning one election after another on a district and statewide basis. Now, a CNN poll (h/t Hot Air) tells us that George HW Bush and George W. Bush have both seen gains in their approval, while Clinton stagnates and Obama slides. This is important because so much power is concentrated in the American presidency. New York and California are Electoral slam dunks for Democrats. Those 80+ votes and 60 or so in blue states put Democrats halfway to victory before any cheating begins.

The last Republican to win was GW Bush. He did it by running an effective campaign. McCain and Romney ran bad general election campaigns, but they also ran terrible primary campaigns. They were presumptive winners and the primary process actually lost them support among the base. Now that the Tea Party is fractured and people are sick of Obama, it is almost easy to win the primary and possibly the general election for a Republican. My advice is to be conservative, be consistent and play favorites with the media. A bad MSNBC interview can last for years. I bet that Rand Paul segregation interview comes back at some point. Refusing to go on low-rated network programs, however, yield little in the way of consequences. Imagine if Sarah Palin could have simply appeared on Greta instead of Today.

Obama and Clinton have and are running cherry-picking campaigns. Obama started kicking legitimate media off his list and replaced them with panty-sniffing bloggers back in 2008. Hillary remains mum on just about everything. Obama makes his media events on talk shows and children’s programming. Media is the disease in politics. It’s time to starve a fever.


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  1. As long as the left controls the media, and the schools and universities, Conservatives must stick together against the enemy.On look at the proliferation of Repub candidates shows disarray and disunity. Even Doug Schoen said on Fox today hat the GOP is doing the Dem’s job for them.

    Comment by Mary — June 8, 2015 @ 2:20 am

    • The irony is that the GOP needs a unifying figure, but the longer the party goes without a president, the more fractured they are. The Republicans abandoned GW Bush, even his brother tries to get out of his shadow, while the Democrats embrace Bill Clinton, and he’s basically a pervert and embezzler.

      Comment by 1539days — June 8, 2015 @ 5:29 am

      • Right, as usual, 15.

        I repeat what I said last week: the Repubs need a hero.

        Comment by Mary — June 8, 2015 @ 10:10 pm

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