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Little Darlings | June 6, 2015

For whatever reason, the story of a strip club in Las Vegas has made national news. Little Darlings is trying to keep true to their name by recruiting high school graduates (who are 18 and older) will billboards suggesting “Pay Your Way Through College.” While local news loves stories like this, it actually brings up some interesting aspects of society and morality.

Las Vegas as a city features topless revues and allows legal prostitution along the outskirts. A strip club is almost quaint, like an old burlesque show. I imagine that the first choice for an entertainment minded young woman is as a showgirl. If that doesn’t pan out, they may end up in prostitution. From a relative morality standpoint, a strip club is middle ground.

Our ideas of traditional morality tell us that stripping is bad. Those girls don’t make a fortune and often end up doing it until they don’t look good enough to make any money. The patrons are even kind of damaged. It may be entertainment for some, for others it is a sad existence and morally corrosive. Early feminists also saw it as exploitative, making men who own the clubs rich and using up the women working in them.

Lately, our interpretation of stripping has gotten more permissive. Modern feminism accepts the theory of the empowered woman who chooses sex work as a legitimate profession. Libertarianism lauds the idea that women have a lucrative employment choice. It is possible for a stripper to earn money, make wise financial decisions and invest in their future. The statistics just don’t bear that out.

As I get older, I realize that “conventional morality” has a lot going for it. A stripper is more likely to be paying their way through a boyfriend’s drug habit than their own college tuition. Stripping is also a gateway to porn, which ironically is a gateway back to stripping. A stripper is probably less likely to be the next Diablo Cody or Felicia Michaels than a high school basketball star is to being drafted by the NBA. There’s always a price to pay for doing bad things, even if it’s for the right reasons.


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  1. “conventional morality” has a lot going for it

    APPLAUSE, 15!
    the empowered woman who chooses sex work as a legitimate profession

    I call bullshit on “Feminist” hypocrisy.

    Comment by Mary — June 7, 2015 @ 4:27 am

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