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Walker or the Texas Ranger | June 4, 2015

With so many Republicans in the primary race now, there are finally a few actual governors to choose from. Walker is a really solid and pretty unsexy candidate. Now we have Rick Perry, who may be both hat and cattle this time. In 2012, Perry ran in a field filled with Tea Party candidates who swapped pole positions on a weekly basis. Perry started strong and faltered quickly. There was no time for do-overs that year.

I would take about 99% of Republicans over 99% of Democrats in any presidential race, especially considering the way the Democrats bowed to this administration’s horrible policies. Still, I like Perry. He’s made a name for himself for being a right-wing iconoclast and his corruption is quaintly localized. Most of all, I like the ads. Check out this doozy from 2011.


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  1. So far, I like Cruz, Walker, and Perry. Paul, a clone of his father, keeps shooting himself in the foot. But the RNC will pick Bush, a sure loser in 2016.

    Comment by Mary — June 5, 2015 @ 3:05 am

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