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The Caitlyn Jenner Post | June 2, 2015

Dr. Josef Mengele used to experiment on prisoners of war by mutilating them, testing their ability to survive trauma until they died and killing sets of twins after doing something horrible to one. He also had an obsession with changing eye color using chemical pigments that often blinded the victims, at least until he killed them and sent the eyes back to Berlin. This is what happens when a sociopathic doctor gets too much power.

You can find a doctor to do just about anything in the world, especially if he gets permission. If his peers agree that it is acceptable to do, it could very well be accepted. When plastic surgeons were offered the challenge of changing gender, it became a supreme challenge. The first male to female surgeries were crude and ugly. Still, they got better at it and most of the modern world seems to think it’s fine. I guess we’re lucky they make colored contact lenses now.

There’s good reason to ask if a thing should be done, rather than if it could be done. We’re not all Sheryl Crow here, if it makes you happy, it could still be bad. I understand the libertarian urge (which is more about isolationism) that it’s none of our business, but we are being psychically bombarded with the idea that we much re-gender people because they want to be a certain way. We’re told that someone can be a different gender without even getting “the surgery” and that a man who wants to live as a woman is still different from a transvestite who only dresses like a woman.

It is not being “cis-normative” or some other bullshit term to reject that buffet of identifiers. Some things are just normal. We have one gender or another. Every damn cell contains those chromosomes. It is normal to be straight. Otherwise, the human race would die out. Variations are variants. They don’t have to be bad, but they are not the norm. If something is not the norm, by definition it is not normal.

People can do weird stuff to themselves all they want, but those doctors are not liberating you as much as proving their skill. Just don’t pee on my leg (with whatever manufactured urethra you have) and tell me it’s raining.


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  1. those doctors are not liberating you as much as proving their skill

    Not to mention their skill at amassing money by catering to the grotesque. t

    Comment by Mary — June 3, 2015 @ 1:57 am

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