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Red Eye 2.0 | May 31, 2015

I decided to watch the premiere of Fox News’ “The Greg Gutfeld Show” tonight. Gutfeld started with the network in 2007 with a program slated at 2am called Red Eye. It was a nightly panel show with a large number of guests and panelists. The show had multiple defined blocks, an ombudsman, a letters segment (a sure sign of needing filler) and a nightly phone call to Greg’s mom. The show moved to 3am in 2009, following a rerun of Glenn Beck. This boosted the ratings. After a few years, Red Eye got more gags, fewer guests and some new segments, like man on the street.

After Glenn Beck’s program ended, it was replaced with The Five, adding Gutfeld as one of the panelists. Red Eye started to follow that format more, but with a less diverse group of regular guests. A few months ago, Greg left Red Eye entirely for his own show.

The show is a lot like classic Red Eye. There’s an ombudsman, called an “op-ed” except that Greg used the word “ombudsed.” There was some sort of Pinch-like object on the wall. Joanne Nosuchinsky was on loan from Red Eye to do the most unique MOS I’ve seen in some time. With his known success, he was able to have some real guests on along with the usual stable of people. I just wonder what happens to the original if this takes off.


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