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Time Warner: The Sequel

May 30, 2015

It was announced that Charter Communications wants to buy Time Warner, essentially creating a merged company run by Charter. Time Warner has basically let it be known they are interested in selling by the failed Comcast attempt. This new deal has higher stakes. Cable companies are interested in merging and the new FCC regime is trying to decide who gets the right to do business. Since Charter doesn’t own channels and won’t become the largest cable company after the merge, this will be the test as to whether the government will let any cable companies merge. Also, Charter will have to pay Time Warner a substantial $2 billion penalty if this merger does not happen.

I’m not crazy about my Time Warner service, but I can deal with them. Charter is more of an issue. They have complaints and don’t like to deal quite as much as the new Time Warner. However, they are businesses. I don’t have to use either of them. Too many people think of “their” internet access as a right. It isn’t. They get a bill. If they are fine with that arrangement, they keep paying. If not, they can find another source. 20 years ago, Congress overrode a veto by George Bush. The cable law was supposed to keep rates down. Cable has gone up every year since. Business always knows more about money than the government. The feds only know how to extract it.


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