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The Walker Dead | May 29, 2015

Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but did you ever wonder why more liberal Democrats didn’t try to stop the war in Iraq or the PATRIOT Act after 9/11? The prevailing theory was that Democrats were desperately afraid of being considered unpopular or unpatriotic. I wonder if they didn’t use an opportunity to allow a war to distract from a president elected to cut spending and taxes and make smaller government. G.W. Bush was the first fiscal conservative since Reagan and had the benefit from learning by Reagan’s mistakes in trusting Democrats. With the full authorization to fight a way for civilization, fiscal sanity was a lower priority.

Of all the Republican candidates, and it is nearly all Republicans who could possibly be candidates, Scott Walker (only a potential candidate at the moment) best exemplifies the success of fiscal conservatism at an executive level. He disadvantaged a few union executives to increase take home pay for employees, remove union-created medical plans with huge margins, reduced a deficit and kept jobs. He also extracted a lot of union money from Democrats, both by reducing union participation and getting Democrats to blow so much money on failed attempts to oust him.

This makes Scott Walker the anti-Christ for liberals, otherwise known as Christ to everyone else. The current target on Walker’s back is over abortion. He signed a law, passed by a Republican legislature, that requires an ultrasound that can project the image of the unborn fetus. This is designed as a version of informed consent, where the mother is presented with information about what is going to happen. It does discourage some women from having abortions, but the percentage and the actual motivation is hard to quantify.

Liberals skipped over that argument and went right for the rape culture trigger. While there are no numbers, pregnancies less than 10 weeks may have the fetus blocked by the pelvis. In this case, a picture could not be generated unless something called a trans vaginal ultrasound is used. A small probe is placed exactly where you think it would be to get a sonogram from a non-obstructed angle. The claims began about “some” women being “forced” to be “raped” by a trans vaginal probe.

I understand the argument, If you want an abortion right now, these measures are infuriating. However, if one is getting an abortion, some devices will be applied trans vaginally regardless. Also, not doing a sonogram before an abortion means the doctor is operating blind as modern technology sits in the office unused.

Walker reignited the debate when he said that people, both pro and anti-abortion, really enjoy sonograms of their kids and of themselves as fetuses, calling it “cool.” In typical Goebbels fashion, the leftist media strung it together that Walker said women should be raped with sonogram probes because it’s cool. The reality is that a large number of people who consider themselves pro-choice are holding two contradictory opinions. When the child is wanted, the fetus is a neat thing to look at before birth, but in the case of abortion, the fetus is a version of Schrodinger’s cat, dead as soon as the mother decides it is unwanted.


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  1. Not to worry. With Rick, birth-‘
    control-harms-women, Santorum now in the “pick me” race, Walker will be replaced as the pro-life demon and his fiscal intelligence once again the libtard’s target.

    Comment by Mary — May 30, 2015 @ 2:05 am

    • But the liberals are smart enough to know that Walker is dangerous for them economically. They wouldn’t bother attacking Santorum because he can’t win. They’d love for him to be the nominee because it means Hillary or some other Democrats is sure to win.

      Comment by 1539days — May 30, 2015 @ 8:14 am

  2. Obama and the Dems had a super majority for a couple of years, they could have done a lot of wonderful liberal things during that time….instead, we got Obamacare.

    Comment by DeniseVB — May 30, 2015 @ 6:02 am

    • I was dumb enough to think “Well, Obama sucks, but the Democrats will probably do some protectionist stuff with China at least.” Hell, no. The administration has too many secret donors from there to mess with their imports.

      Democrats are no planning to rely on the electoral math to keep the White House and ride the imperial presidency as long as possible.

      Comment by 1539days — May 30, 2015 @ 8:12 am

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