Days of Change

Barbecue Day

May 25, 2015

There are some obvious reasons why people don’t visit memorials on Memorial Day. There hasn’t been a draft for generations, most of our war veterans are long-removed and there are so many people who don’t know anyone who fought and died for this country. Personally, the closest person I knew was an uncle from WW2. He died in 1991 and I had only met him twice.

When politicians and political parties talk about sales and backyard parties, they are inconsiderate morons. However, I give more slack to the average American. The average working stiff doesn’t have a holiday during the year¬†before¬†Memorial Day. Being at the end of May, it’s frequently a beautiful day appropriate for outdoor activities, often ones that can’t be enjoyed after work. July 4th is only about 5 weeks away. That holiday is both celebratory and patriotic.

It is the responsibility of our political leaders and the media to value Memorial Day. Sadly, some are using it as a day to bitch about war. The best thing Americans can do with this day is enjoy it. I just hope they also remember.


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