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Where Are the Flying Cars?

May 23, 2015

The cable channel Spike has picked up the rights to the “Back to the Future” movie series. I’m sure we will read in about 5 months that “the future” is set in October 2015. In this future, cars fly and boards hover. Unfortunately, the laws of physics have again conspired to keep us from defying gravity for another generation.

Some of the things they got right in the movie were big, flat televisions. However, there are no 80’s themed diners. Ronald Reagan and Michael Jackson are both dead. At the same time, the Chinese are more influential in American business than the Japanese and they underestimated the advancement of technology. There are hardly any fax machines these days. Even though Back to the Future 2 was made in 1988, there seems to be no conception of e-mail. While our home appliances are not voice-activated, the apps that run them are.

Back to the Future is devoid of the laptops, tablets, smart phones and now smart watches many of us have. There are floating TV sets in the diner instead of tablets at the tables. Then again, one has to wonder if our attachment to mobile devices is just a step to having technology you don’t have to carry around.


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