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How About Fighting in Iraq Now?

May 18, 2015
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Despite the hype, Megyn Kelly isn’t the greatest anchor in history. I don’t think I’ve ever watched her show all the way through. I can honestly say that I don’t consider her question to Jeb Bush about looking at Iraq from 12 years later to be all that valuable. It was designed to put him on the spot. Putting someone on the spot is fine and not a gotcha question or anything. Still, we don’t learn much about Jeb except that he has to thread the needle both because Republicans have mixed feelings on the war and George W. Bush is his brother.

Even if the cost of the Iraq War is too high in hindsight, one has to ask what would happen had Al-Qaeda or ISIS (the same brand) were allowed to come into Iraq, even with Saddam’s forces at full strength. Hussein wasn’t a very religious leader, only showing token adherence to Islam. Would religious fervor have turned his own people to the side of terror? Either way, the result is becoming the same. Iraqi towns are falling to ISIS. We already know that Obama and libertarians (almost the same thing) don’t give a crap about lessening human suffering. I just wonder if Obama cares about American safety either.


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