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About 8 Years Too Late and a Candidate Short

May 15, 2015
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You never really know when a scandal is going to be noticed by the public. So much Obama administration malfeasance has gone unnoticed. At one point, Obamacare’s failings made the news, ironically because Republicans gave up on a “shutdown” and taking themselves out of the news.The Clinton campaign is not getting the same honeymoon.

Peter Schweizer has written books and stories about the corrupting influence of money in government. While he works for conservative organizations, he often takes a libertarian approach to his investigations, His writings about business deals that made members of Congress rich at the same time they were writing the regulations controlling business, went after both Democrats and Republicans.

Recently, he went after the Clinton Foundation. This NGO has taken in large amounts of money from the wealthy and politically connected. His book “Clinton Cash” was used by media like the Washington Post, to actually perform journalism. Schweizer went on some Sunday shows, including the ill-fated George Stephanopoulos incident. George said in no uncertain terms that the whole of ABC News found nothing of value in the book, while journalists with the network are currently reporting on it.

The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative publication, as well as the Washington Post, discovered that Stephanopoulos had donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation and failed to disclose that at any time, let alone the interview with Schweizer. Eric Wemple of the Post wrote today that Stephanopoulos’ PR rep was asked about these donations and if Stephanopoulos had ever disclosed this information. She held them off until the next day. At the same time, Dylan Byers of Politico, a writer extremely friendly to Democrats, got the “scoop” of Stephanopoulos disclosing his donations.

The timeline is that two news organizations knew about the money before it was “disclosed” but somehow one writer got the disclosure just hours before news of the non-disclosure was to go to press. The logical conclusion is that Stephanopoulos lied about the disclosure and made sure to get it online before it could be disproven. In the end, he still gave money to his former boss and probably current puppet master, then did free advertising for Clinton by trying to discredit Schweizer.

If you are Obama, you can get away with this because the media is too afraid or in league with the president. If that’s not the case, this kind of bad blood will destroy a political campaign.


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