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I Hate Writing About This Guy

May 14, 2015

George Stephanopoulos, whose name I have to cut and paste, interviewed the author of “Clinton Cash” recently on ABC’s This Week. It’s not surprising that a former Clinton operative was critical of the book’s conclusions, but he also made the claim that ABC investigated claims in the book and found nothing to back up the assertions in the book. That remark made its way into a Hillary campaign ad almost immediately.

First of all, other ABC investigative reporters have found the claims in the book to have some merit. The even more damning part, however, is that Stephanopoulos is part of the Clinton Foundation. He doesn’t make day-to-day decisions, but he contributed $50,000 (or more). That’s more than he would be legally allowed to contribute to a Hillary Clinton presidential run. He did not disclose this fact and is now trying to back track by simply saying he should not have donated.

There are two possibilities. Stephanopoulos donated the money as a sort of quid pro quo where he gets access to Hillary Clinton for interviews or a future cabinet post or some other perk worth more than that money. The other possibility is that Stephanopoulos just believes in what the foundation does. Either one is bad because it reveals a huge bias. One was for financial gain, the other for the furtherance of political beliefs.

Let’s not forget. Hillary complains about rich people and CEOs and others while she makes more money than most CEOs for one paid speech. The donation Stephanopoulos made is a drop in the bucket in terms of rich political backers, but $50,000 is more money than most people will see in a year and he seemed to just forget he even spent it. These are the people telling you what is true and what’s not. Take it with a grain of salt.


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