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The Most Powerful Babies in the Free World

May 12, 2015
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The Democrats in the Senate got their balls back, but alas, Obama already shriveled them. The Democrats seem to understand that a president with less than 2 years left in office (yay!) with fast track trade authority might lead to a Republican with the power to make trade deals that will destroy Democrats’ union cash supply. In just 6 months after an election where they complained that Republicans filibustered everything out of spite, the Democrats filibustered a bill out of spite, even while the president spearheaded its passage.

Of course, Barack Obama has been whining himself. He went to Georgetown today to complain that FOX News made poor people look bad and even made him angry with their antics. What FOX (and no other media in many cases) did was show what happens when there is no government oversight of programs that give stuff away.

Michelle Obama kicked off the week with her commencement about the problems only facing Black people, like having grandparents. She also complained about resumes being ignored because of a person’s name. Of course, the First Lady used to be Michelle Robinson, one of the Whitest names there could be. Still, she didn’t get that six-figure job turfing poor Black patients until her last name was Obama.


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