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Pay Day | May 9, 2015

Oddly enough, James Franco got involved in the McDonald’s war when he wrote an op-ed about how the fast food restaurant hired a kid with no skills and a spotty job record. Along with stories of grabbing a quick bite of unsold food or being propositioned by a guy through a translator, Franco accidentally made an important point. Minimum wage jobs are the bottom of the employment ladder. McDonald’s and others offer ascending career paths, but they know most of their employees will not stay for the next five years. Franco stayed less than one, booking a Superbowl ad. He was still grateful that McDonald’s allowed him to pursue acting and wished for their success in getting out of the diminished sales they see now.

Liberals were predictably not happy about advocacy for a low wage job. Their world view is that McDonald’s puts employees on illegal shifts, pays illegal wages and serves illegal food. It also seems like every worker is trying to get 40 hours to support their families by flipping burgers. That may be the case. If it is, however, it means that person is less qualified than everyone else making more than they are. It’s a harsh reality. I faced it for a few years working low wage jobs.

Not surprising, liberals think in a false reality. In NYC and LA, $15 an hour may be scraping by. In other parts of the country, $30,000 a year is a good job. Even worse, Obamacare has changed the game. By nearly doubling salaries, these workers would now be subject to paying the full price for health insurance as well as losing an earned income credit on federal taxes. On the plus side, their increased taxes will feed the giant rusty machine that is government.


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  1. Aiming to destroying the middle class, where democracy lives, obamacare’s scatter gun effect .is also hurting the poor. Now that’s equal opportunity.

    Comment by Mary — May 10, 2015 @ 2:12 am

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