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Let’s Talk About Immigration | May 6, 2015

One of the current topics in the presidential race is immigration and the current near amnesty practiced by the White House. Unlike Republican candidates, Hillary Clinton is clearly on the side of citizenship for all on the premise that it will bring people out of the shadows and raise wages. This is different from the complaints she had years ago about illegal immigrants standing on street corners taking jobs from Americans.

Immigration politically conflates two separate issues. How do foreign people get into this country and what do we do when they get here? The 1986 amnesty promised that people who were already here would get legal status and new people would be let in on an as-needed basis. What actually happened was that every illegal alien got amnesty, a new underclass of illegal workers slipped through the border and any baby delivered within the US border had lifetime citizenship.

Comprehensive immigration reform is the same process. The easy part is the green light to make illegal immigrants legal. Obama was able to do that with a pen and a phone. The second part where we enforce border security with technology, people and strategic barriers, costs a lot of money and makes a lot of people mad. Most politicians right now want to hand out dessert before dinner, not caring if we ever eat our peas.

Democrats used to be divided on the issue, but the Obama regime has pretty much beaten down those who want security. The Republicans are divided, however. The “pro-business” wing wants a ready source of cheap labor. Libertarians think that more labor makes for lighter work. In a libertarian paradise, this might be the case. If you were from Mexico and work dried up, libertarian government would have no safety net. You would simply have to leave. We live in the actual world, however, where government makes life more difficult when there’s a minimum wage and welfare spending taking more of it in taxes.

Immigration is a great idea, but it must be tempered with reason. Today’s technology allows us to verify the status of people instantly. Drones and cameras allow us to see in darkness as if it were daylight. Putting up a wall does not make us a bad country. People trying to jump the fence to get out makes a bad country and almost everyone is trying to get in the United States. We need to make them do it through the front door.


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  1. We need to make them do it through the front door.
    Great bottom line.

    The Left is so determined to destroy the USA, they’re giving the country away to total trash. Then again, those who make a profit from dealing in trash are On cloud nine. And Hillary Clinton is a world-class phony.

    Comment by Mary — May 6, 2015 @ 9:35 pm

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