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Huckabee Announced. Everyone Else Can Quit Now | May 5, 2015

Two time losers are pretty unlikely to get a presidential nomination, much less win the White House. In the case of the Republicans, the party leadership is so incompetent Ronald Reagan had to run for the nomination 3 times before they caught on to what they had. Reagan lost after a couple of ballots to a guy who lost the general election (Nixon in 1960) and a guy who wasn’t even elected when he became president (Gerald Ford, the first to not be elected as President or Vice President in a general election). The GOP actually considered Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, two of the worst presidents, superior candidates.

Mike Huckabee chose to keep his powder dry in the probably un-winnable Republican challenge to Obama in 2012. Now, he’s throwing his hat in the ring with a mostly open field. He’s a minister, a weight-loss survivor and proposes a national sales tax in lieu of an income tax, not in addition to one. Liberals don’t like him, the Tea Party doesn’t much care for him and the GOP is still obsessed with the idea that Jeb Bush is a force of nature who will easily take it all.

I will say that Huckabee is likable. Not by me, I see politics like Cypher saw “The Matrix.” I think they’re all problematic.

I also know people who just liked the guy, generally liked what he had to say and didn’t see him as slimy as other candidates. On a political level, I think it’s good to have a social conservative in the race. I’m not as libertarian-loving as some and have no problem with legalizing Judeo-Christian values. If he gets steamrolled, at least we know where the electorate stands.


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  1. Huckabee is an amiable man and a good soul. His politics are guided by ethics. I sure could go for an honest, moral, unglitzy Conservative President. I’ve had enough faux-bama slophistication for two lifetimes.
    Jeb Bush, on the other hand, is Politics as usual.: Expedience above right v. wrong.

    Comment by Mary — May 5, 2015 @ 11:43 pm

    • The Huck haters claim that his being likable is too much like Obama. That’s crap. Obama isn’t likable. The media just marketed him as cool so you were uncool if you didn’t like him.

      Comment by 1539days — May 6, 2015 @ 12:18 am

      • Double touche’, 15.

        Comment by Mary — May 6, 2015 @ 9:37 pm

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