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Necessarily Provacative

May 4, 2015
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It is forbidden to create an image of Muhammad. The punishments for such an act are so severe under Sharia law that few would do such a thing in the Muslim world. Make no mistake. The reason why images of Muhammad are not drawn is because of the fear of death, not out of reverence.

That’s what is being exported to the United States. Most Americans wouldn’t get out of Muhammad’s way if he were walking down the street. We have freedom of religion in this country and about 99% of us don’t choose Islam. We can show respect for other religions by not being provocative in a location of worship or a congregation of believers, even though we have a right to be. History has shown that we do not defer to other faiths in the public square. We have both the freedom to believe what we want and to say what we want about any beliefs.

I have no idea the percentage of people who secretly wished for violence at a Draw Muhammad event at Garland Texas. It may even cross the political spectrum. The left may have been correct that such an event was a provocation, but conservatives were right when they argued that Muslims were suing violence as a tool to enforce their superiority. That’s another thing. These people were not so distraught about pictures that they snapped. They shot at people because terrorism is the enforcement mechanism of Islam. It’s what political leaders and religious leaders around the Islamic world use. Moderating our actions because of violence is literally letting the terrorists win.

The organizer of the event, Pamela Geller was grilled by formerly sane Fox anchor and currently brainwashed CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota. One claim was that the event was unnecessarily provocative.

I would argue that such a thing is necessarily provocative. We need to shout loudly that terror will be met with more messy freedom. If Muslims want us to stop drawing Muhammad, their best bet is to shut the hell up about it and hope we get bored. In this country, being boring is the way to make something unimportant.


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