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No Riots Here | May 2, 2015

I live in a pretty conservative part of a liberal state. I get the chance to pay taxes for government programs no one near me votes for. At the same time, I live far enough away so I can at least avoid the consequences.

I was looking for information about 9th Ward residents in Louisiana and if they returned after Hurricane Katrina. For the most part, I found an article from Al-Jazeera (I know) that states 80% of White residents (not the lower 9th ward) returned compared to only 30% of Black residents. Being the socialists that they are, Al-Jazeera mostly attributes this to disproportionate giveaways to buy people back. There is a line near the end about how some residents are unwilling or unable to return.

I very much doubt that if someone was willing to return home, they would be unable to do so. My assumption is that they got real jobs and can’t leave for the sketchy job prospects where they used to live. People who live in crappy places mostly stay in those crappy places. The majority of people don’t move very far in their lives, especially over time.

I’m one of those people. It fills me with apprehension to consider moving from this lousy blue state and its horrible economy. I imagine that even those people living in a war zone just don’t know how to make it somewhere else. It’s especially bad for those people because while every liberal politician loves to talk about people making the cities better, the fastest option is to be one of the brave few who packs up and leaves.


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  1. the fastest option is to be one of the brave few who packs up and leaves

    I did just that over 50 years ago, and moved even further from urban life close to 20 years after that. Smart moves!

    Comment by Mary — May 2, 2015 @ 11:44 pm

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