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Snitches Get Stitches | May 1, 2015

It seems that Baltimore decided to over charge the hell out of 6 police officers with charges carrying decades of jail time. Remember, Freddie Gray was beaten to death by the interior of a transport vehicle. No police actually laid a violent hand on him. The city officials have ties to the national Democratic Party and appear to have a politically motivated agenda. The only reason you press charges that will certainly lose you the case is because you want to shut down the protests happening right now, but save them for later, when Democrats can rally disgruntled liberals and get them to the polls.

One of the more interesting things I’ve heard in this case is that Freddie Gray may have been a police confidential informant. A CI is usually a minor criminal who is allowed to operate in exchange for information. Because they are confidential, their arrangement with police is kept from the world at large. Much like an undercover officer, the police show either the same or more disdain for the person working with them than the average criminal. One unidentified officer said on Fox News that Freddie Gray played his role as a criminal also, resisting the police to make it look like he wasn’t a punk.

One now has to wonder if Gray played the resisting perpetrator to well, literally throwing himself into his work. If true, it could very well ruin the narrative as well as the time line for a not guilty verdict.


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  1. Once again, blacks have decided that looting and burning is their law. And the msm and other libtards say, “Poor babies.” Freaking cowards. Instead of moaning about the long-dead institution of slavery, they might thank the hundreds of thousands of whites who died to end slavery.

    Silly me. Being a victim pays better. And it’s so comfortably familiar on the plantation.

    Comment by Mary — May 2, 2015 @ 3:28 am

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