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Justice = Automatic Punishment | April 30, 2015

Baltimore, Maryland is becoming the newest franchise of “No Justice, No Peace.” The phrase is frightening by itself. Violence is the threat if some version of justice is not provided by the ones threatened. What’s worse is that the justice is rarely just. Freddie Gray may have caused his own injuries as his own dumb form of protest. It is likely his head struck the wrong part of the transport vehicle. In those cases, how is justice to be dispensed in a way that would satisfy social justice terrorists?

The revolution is being televised. This is not, however, a plan of anarchy. I have long ago pointed out that densely packed cities are becoming the Democratic Party’s Ace in the Hole for national elections. If a state with electoral votes is running 50/50 near election day, one tank of gas can get enough inner city voters bused to the polls to swing the election. Anger and fear of a corrupt system is a good motivator.

The fact that Gray wasn’t beaten to death would be good news to special interests. No justice means no peace, but more importantly, no guilt means no money. The hosts of MSNBC and racist front groups (both in Al Sharpton’s case) don’t pay taxes for a good reason. There’s a lot of money in rabble rousing.


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  1. There’s a lot of money in rabble rousing.

    You’ve got the bottom line, 15.

    Comment by Mary — May 1, 2015 @ 1:02 am

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