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The Teens | April 27, 2015

We haven’t really had a good name for each decade since the 90’s. The aughts just sounds so old-timey and the 10’s isn’t much better. Right now, I’m going with the teens until the 20’s come around (again). It is the time when Obama’s America has taken hold. Where everyone has grievances instead of rights and the government allows you to get “free” health care (or charges you more than you can possibly afford).

Remember the 40’s? That was a time of war, rationing, racially based internment and flirtation with socialism. FDR was president for most of that decade. Things were so crappy during that time that the 1950’s saw a decade of rebuilding where industry was prized, Ronald Reagan became a Republican and a movie industry still flirting with socialism was beaten into submission. It wasn’t perfect, but it was making progress.

The 1960’s was the time of social upheaval. The media could not be openly communist, so they fought a proxy battle where they tried to keep the US out of Vietnam. Liberalism was hedonism coupled with socialist principles of communal living. The latter was marked by expansions in welfare programs and medical coverage for the poor.

In the 1970’s the open society of the 60’s nearly blew up the country. Cities like New York were close to becoming urban war zones where the city didn’t have money to investigate crime or provide the social services promised years earlier. That decade culminated with a social engineer of a president who thought he could dictate what was right in industry and society and everyone would follow him.

Then we come to the 1980’s where the “moral majority” crossed from the Democrats, after being betrayed by Carter, to the Republicans. Again, the country prized industry and business and people saw the errors of a morality-free lifestyle, especially after they got married and had kids.

My point is that even though life in the US is disruptive and kind of crappy, Obama is running out the clock and his opponents have been making political gains for half of the decade. People are getting tired of outrage and the supposed right not to be offended. Some things may have changed and not for the better, I have hope that people are going to come to their damn senses once again. Then again, it’s still a long four years until this decade is over.


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  1. I try hard to share your hopes for America’s future, but in the face of the tyrannies of the minorities, the hideous child of political correctness, I am hard pressed to keep pace. I’m still waiting for someone to tell me why blacks, homosexual, and foreign invaders aka illegal aliens) have more rights and entitlements than I have, or ever had.

    Years ago, a man named Lederer wrote a sensible, truth-telling book called A Nation of Sheep. Now it would be entitled A Nation of Cowards.

    Comment by Mary — April 28, 2015 @ 12:19 am

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