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Earth Day is Just Another Day | April 22, 2015

The ridiculous invention of Earth Day is the culmination of the anti-technology movement that began when labor-saving devices were created. In the past, we polluted locally. Those mythical days before industry were filled with hearty people working the land and throwing their sewage out into the street. A hundred years ago, most people died from food poisoning, A century before that, most families had at least 1 family member die young. There wasn’t a big push for women’s rights because many women died birthing their last child.

The Earth as a landlord doesn’t do us any particular favors. While there is discussion of extending human life well past 100 years, more previously unknown diseases are taking lives. Are Alzheimer’s and cancer developing in our 70’s because of the environment or because most of us can live that long compared to 100 years ago? Plastic bottles may be “bad,” but plastics have made so many containers (including medical devices) more sanitary by making them disposable.

Let’s talk about local vs. global influence. We are constantly told that trade deals with China and Iran and Cuba and other offshore locations are a benefit to us as global citizens. China provides so many of those plastic things at a price that’s so low, the millions of gallons of fuel used to deliver them is incidental. As our environmental regulations increase, we use China’s smokestacks and the Iranian oil they buy to hide our environmental “impact.” If we as Americans are required to sacrifice modern society to worship the earth, can we at least choose the lamb to the slaughter?


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  1. Same old foolishness. Take an idea that has merit and proceed ad absurdum.

    Comment by Mary — April 22, 2015 @ 11:59 pm

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