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Finance Reformed | April 19, 2015

Much has been made of Hillary Clinton’s campaign funding goals. Some have even calculated it down to the amount needed per vote ($37). If you think about it, that money is a bargain. Barack Obama’s campaign spent billions over 2 campaigns. For that small investment, they were in control of literally trillions of government dollars. Even Republicans, for all their restrained spending, get a good return on a campaign investment.

I’m not a huge supporter of campaign finance reform or publicly funded campaigns. For example, Democrats who want to restrict corporate contributions do so with the knowledge that unions will be immune from such laws. Most talk of reform is a thinly veiled attempted to take money from your opponent.

Anyone who was for campaign finance reform lost their chance if they voted for Barack Obama. He pledged to accept federal matching funds along with the restrictions on fund-raising that came with them. Instead, he chose to raise unlimited amounts from dubious sources. John McCain stuck with those matching funds and lost the election. Since then, no presidential campaign has chosen the same as McCain.

So from now on, if anyone bitches near me about the amount of money spent on elections, they better not have voted for Obama.


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