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Misdirected Anger | April 17, 2015

People on the Internet (now known as “everybody”) have been mentioning Britt McHenry. She is marginally a reporter for ESPN. More importantly, she is a beautiful woman on TV who repeatedly berated the cashier for a towing company by pointing out that she was on TV and beautiful and the cashier was in a dead-end job and ugly. While America is an increasingly crass society that likes to treat everyone badly, it also enjoys punishing those better off who behave badly.

To some extent, I feel for McHenry. Taking away someone’s car is a major inconvenience. They may have to find out it wasn’t actually stolen. Then they have to find out where it is. Then they have to find transportation there and come up with the money (sometimes in cash) to release the vehicle. I don’t even live in a place where towing is common practice and all the other stuff I have to deal with as a commuter is bad enough.

I usually end up somewhere between civil and snippy with the people who are taking my money for what I don’t necessarily consider a fair trade. For people like myself and Britt McHenry, it’s important to realize that the problem is not with those who collect the cash. The problem is with liberals. Traffic laws started as a way to keep cars from crashing into each other and different objects. Now, those laws have become social engineering and revenue streams. Towing vehicles is a method to ensure someone pays the fine. It costs money, which the state pays to the towing companies. It costs the car owner money, which must be paid due to legally sanctioned blackmail. It’s also another way that cops are vilified by ordinary citizens. They may not want to deal with parking issues, but they are forced to for financial reasons.

Everyone who is against punitive traffic and parking enforcement needs to realize this is a result of big government. It is a nanny state that wants to tell everyone what to do and a corrupt political machine that needs to be constantly fed with fees and fines. If Britt McHenry doesn’t want to go back to the impound lot again, she should consider voting Republican.


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  1. she should consider voting Republican.
    Nah. They’re all in it together. The citizenry is their cash cow. But I’ll certainly agree that the Dem.s are more practiced at milking said

    Comment by Mary — April 18, 2015 @ 3:28 am

  2. Voting for Republicans is like voting for a cell. If the cell gets big enough, it will split. If there are enough Republicans, there’s a better chance of them splitting of with more limited government Republicans.

    Not to sound like a GOP ad, but the other advantage is that the media seems to hate Republicans even when they are liberal, so they get away with less crap.

    Comment by 1539days — April 18, 2015 @ 11:41 am

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