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Forget About Iran | April 16, 2015

From what I understand, Barack Obama signed some deal with the Republican Congress where they can stop the Iran agreement with a majority vote. The reality is that isn’t the case. Obama can veto such a response, forcing an override. That would require about a third of Democrats to join in going against the president. That will never happen. Essentially, the Iran deal is green lit.

This is another in a series of Republican tactics with the sole purpose of absolving them of responsibility and putting bad deals on the Democrats. This might have been necessary back when Democrats were the only ones to vote for final passage of Obamacare and still got their way. Well, now the Republicans are the loyal opposition. The focus needs to be on opposition, not loyal. While I can hold my nose and vote for the GOP in 2016, this weak tea party will keep a lot of other voters at home. This is how they lose elections. If they plan to beat Hillary, they’ve already lost. The real puppet masters are prepared for her to lose again against a meat puppet of their choosing. The GOP will likely never see it coming.


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  1. The GOP will likely never see it coming.

    A bunch of smart and brave Americans. All they care about is Personal profit and privilege.

    the Iran deal is green lit.

    Comment by Mary — April 17, 2015 @ 4:07 am

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