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Unelectability | April 14, 2015

Hillary Clinton won’t appear on the Sean Hannity show anytime soon. In fact, he has a laundry list of reasons why she shouldn’t be elected dog catcher, from Benghazi to the short trip through Chipotle where she didn’t talk to anyone and got right back in her modified luxury “van” that she doesn’t drive (as well as any other vehicle in 20 years). One political strategist warned that throwing every criticism at her would blunt their effectiveness. I don’t know that it matters.

Hillary Clinton ran for the New York Senate at a time when Bill Clinton was near the peak of his political influence and New York could barely elect a Republican. Hillary ran unopposed in the Democratic primaries after others were encouraged not to go against her. She also had a lucky break of Rudy Giuliani dropping out and the incompetent Rick Lazio trying to fill in.

Secretary of State was a patronage job, one where she tried to thread the needle between not being responsible for Obama’s bad foreign policy while supposedly running the perfect government office. Still, she got blood on her hands and a few more disgruntled voters, including Hillary supporters disgusted she would ally with the guy who took her donor list and harassed them for donations years later.

I firmly believe a McCain vs. Clinton contest would have ended in her defeat, even if his VP were Joe Lieberman. I suspect Democrats felt the same way. Clinton’s active slumming to look like she’s not the heir apparent is ridiculous, especially since she still thinks she should have won in 2008. I think one or more serious Democratic Party challengers will emerge. If they don’t all the better. The Republicans could use someone as hard to elect as Hillary Clinton.


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  1. Unfortunately the msm has her already at the threshold of tOval Office. But I’m sure ValJar is working on it–anti-capitalist Elizabeth Warren is her pick.

    Comment by Mary — April 14, 2015 @ 11:51 pm

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