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Electability | April 13, 2015

The field of announced Republican candidates for president has increased to 3 today. Marco Rubio, a one-term Senator announced and is speaking on Hannity as I write this. Sean Hannity has quite a thing going himself. So far, he has had a 10 pm interview with every announced Republican. That record may not hold with Jeb Bush or Chris Christie, even though it would be in their best interest to do so.

Of all the things Republicans will need to do to win the presidency, cow towing to the mainstream media is not one of them. There will be fewer candidate debates to hand to former Clinton White House lackeys. Fewer networks like ABC, where 2 reporters went into the Obama White House before he was even inaugurated, will be part of the debate. Where will Republicans get  media exposure? There’s Fox News, with higher ratings than most cumulative TV news outlets. There’s also social media, where Republicans have a chance to have some real effect.

We know that Democrats will take the route of hiding their bias and using a willing media to trick the public. The Republicans have a chance to openly defy a press out to destroy them and cut them out of the process. There was a time that New Hampshire was make or break. Now it’s just another mile post on the campaign trail. Imagine if a network was no longer necessary for someone to be elected president.


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  1. Time for the msm to be castrated.

    Comment by Mary — April 13, 2015 @ 11:31 pm

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