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Hey Look! No Jobs | April 3, 2015

With a whopping 93 million jobless Americans, the March jobs report came in with just 126,000 jobs created. Not only is that number low, it is nearly half of the estimated 245,000 jobs economists expected. When something is unexpectedly bad, that means repercussions for the financial markets. Even worse, the estimates for the last two months have been revised down by 69,000. Only 57,000 net jobs were gained in March compared to the numbers last month.

The unemployment rate itself is a deceptively adequate 5.5%. This is due to the use of the growing part-time job market as employment. Not only are part time jobs popular due to Obamacare mandates, but people can more easily hold more than one. This makes it entirely possible that even fewer actual people have gone from jobless to working that even the 57,000 figure.

The truly amazing things is that this administration is so truly horrible at everything it is impossible to give much priority to any single failure. The Iran deal is such a disaster that it guaranteed this news would not make it further than a blurb on most news sites or blogs. That’s why I think it deserves some mention from me.


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  1. The worst WH resident EVER, but among the most successful in achieving hi goal–destroying Western Civilization, in general, and Israel and the USA, in particular. And hell will be very crowded by his supporters. The press room alone will be a cesspit.

    Comment by Mary — April 4, 2015 @ 3:17 am

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