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Memories | April 1, 2015

Why have April Fools when there are fools all year round?

To further the debate, an owner of an Indiana pizza place called Memories Pizza said she would not cater a gay wedding with the new religious freedom law in place. Obviously, everyone immediately went on the internet to shame the business, mostly choosing fake bad Yelp reviews as their weapon of choice. This is why “progress” on these broad social changes moves so slowly. When the law is argued on its merits, it seems dumb. When individual business owners are targeted by an economic terrorism campaign, the public stops feeling bad for angry gays.

All things being essentially equal, this becomes an example of socialism as social liberalism. If some Pagan has a dirty sex party all weekend and comes into a pizzeria to make your food, they should have all the rights in the world. If a Satanist wants you to put pepperoni in the shape of a pentagram on a pizza and you refuse, that’s a hate crime. The difference is that businesses are inherently evil. Even though there is a trade of money for services, the ones providing the service is put in the position of slave, having to take any request.

Having the right to refuse service is a contingency almost all businesses keep at the ready. The overuse of that right will hurt business and close them down. Luckily, most of the “victims” of religious owners of businesses aren’t good customers. That’s why it has become the new tactic of the Left (and unfortunately, an old tactic of the right) to get people to boycott and eventually harass a business, even if they are desirable customers. I think they may be just foolish enough to turn the tide of public opinion back to religious freedom.


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