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Indiana | March 31, 2015

Indiana’s religious protection law has been the top news story in liberal media over the last week. That’s pretty strange on its face, because almost half of states passed similar laws and it is based on a law from the Clinton era. There’s obviously a reason for it, but the lies of the mainstream media are getting more tiresome to decipher.

This may be a squirrel to draw attention from a bad Iran deal, the Bergdahl indictment (which happened the day before the law was signed) or Hillary’s e-mail woes. This also may be the new front on the war on America as we know it. Gay culture takes steps forward and back as it tries to push the boundaries. Suing bakeries and wedding halls for not hosting gay weddings was a bad PR move. Fighting laws that allow those businesses leeway is a relatively good PR move.

I read something about how conservatives who argue a slippery slope in granting social freedoms are usually right. We do have more fatherless children. People are on welfare for generations. Gay rights did lead to more gay culture. Civil unions led to gay marriage. They were  not scare tactics, but the real interpretation of things to come. The question is what we are willing to accept. There were ancient societies more decadent than ours that are gone now. How far do we go before the ledge runs out?


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  1. How far do we go before the ledge runs out?

    Not much further, 15. n the name of political correctness, the tyranny of the minority–sexual, racial, cultural, etc.–holds sway. obama is both cause and symptom

    Comment by Mary — April 1, 2015 @ 12:18 am

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