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Hillary Clinton and the Server of Doom | March 29, 2015

Remember 8 years ago when we heard about the epic Hillary Clinton / Rudy Giuliani match-up for the 2008 Presidential Election? Plans change and our prognostication is nothing more than guesswork.

While it is mere speculation, I think Hillary Clinton has about as good of a shot in 2016 as Ted Cruz does, and that’s not good. To some extent, the span of time since the request was made for Clinton’s private e-mails means that she has had time to delete the e-mails, degauss the original hard drive, and rebuild the data in whatever way she sees fit. Instead, Clinton continues to refuse to turn over the server for good reason.

Even though Clinton has control over her (e-mail) domain, e-mails she sent or were sent to her are not as well-kept. In fact, e-mails from Sid Blumenthal were hacked and released 2 years ago, which incidentally revealed Clinton’s private e-mail address. If she were to turn over her server without those substantive e-mails, she would face a pretty solid obstruction charge. Like the Obama administration, her choices are down to stonewalling and claiming that data was lost.

If someone planned to scuttle Clinton’s presidential chances, this scandal does a good job.


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  1. I wonder if this scandal will really ruin her chances. Those who like her won’t admit any possible wrongdoing, while those who dislike her will just have an additional arrow in their quiver. Once again, it is the undecided voters who will hold sway.

    Comment by Mary — March 30, 2015 @ 12:08 am

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