Days of Change

No Fun Anymore

March 28, 2015
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Nevada Senator Harry Reid is old, crooked and relatively useless. Yet, he continued to run for his job after the Democrats won the majority in 2006 and he was named Majority Leader. One of the advantages of Democrats losing 15 seats over 4¬†years is that the ones who are left don’t like being in a minority where they have no real power.

This is something the GOP forgets when they try to maintain a balance of elected seats without caring about a mandate. The Tea Party wiped out Democrats in state houses in 2010. That made replacements difficult to find. With a continued majority, Republicans will force out Democrats who can’t get anything done and would rather get their free payback on the outside.

The Democrats have set their sites on an imperial presidency. They have a lot of power in getting a Democrat elected. Like all progressives, they are tired of the people screwing up their plans and would rather only fool them in one election every 4 years. There’s no fooling Harry Reid. No one cares what he says anymore. It’s like a country full of Lady Gagas.


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