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Collective Terror

March 27, 2015
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When a bunch of people are deliberately killed in a plane crash, we can’t always assume Muslim fueled terror, but it usually is.

Any “evidence” that co-pilot Andreas Günter Lubitz was a Muslim convert is still pretty sketchy and highly disputed. However, he dropped out of training for a significant amount of time in an area with a pretty decent number of mosques. I suspect that European authorities are going to tread lightly on any information about a religious conversion because Islam is heavily embedded in European populations at this point.

The pilot is being “credited” by random Facebook pages as a martyr, but that may only be trying to take credit for a frighteningly random catastrophe. Another rumor going around is that Lubitz was deemed medically unfit to fly and decided to end his career in the most memorable way possible. The reality is that no matter what people think, either possibility is nearly impossible to prevent.


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