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March 24, 2015
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A article points out the change in programming on HLN, originally known as Headline News. Headline News was the first spin-off of CNN back when they were the only game in town. In the 80’s and 90’s, their mandate was to deliver all the day’s headlines every 30 minutes in a series of categories. It was like having the half hour network evening news, but every hour of the day. This freed up CNN to do more in-depth stories, which turned into them just airing less news.

With narrow casting sources like the Internet, there was little need for an available news source on-demand and the ratings started to fall. Headline News started having longer format programs. Then they had a prime-time schedule including such luminaries as Nancy Grace. The Breitbart story mentions them picking up “Forensic Files,” a canceled true crime series. Then again, MSNBC does similar things with “Lockup.”

For me, Headline News hit bottom when I saw “News and a Movie.” This is a 3 hour chunk where they show an old movie and wrap it with cast interviews and try to manufacture some news value. FX, an entertainment channel, pretty much does this with DVD on TV. The movie I saw was “Real Genius,” a favorite among 80’s nerds. This movie was loosely based on real students and real military technology. It also had the most realistic laser technology seen outside of a documentary.

I love Real Genius and Lynn Berry, one of HLN’s top anchors and a previous personality at MSNBC, did the best with a situation which had no news value. It does highlight the fact that news and television are not what they used to be. Left-wing dogma doesn’t get viewers. The channels still doing it are trying to curry favor with a federal government that can give them a favorable tax bill.


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