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Who’s Next?

March 23, 2015
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I assume that Ted Cruz is trying to differentiate himself by being the first Republican candidate to be officially running for president. He’s done some interviews today, especially on conservative media. I think one thing he can learn from Obama is that friendly media is more useful than hostile (in his case, neutral) media. I don’t condone that crap for a post-presidential media strategy, but I don’t think there’s any value in dodging hatchets. This was the Nicolle Wallace strategy for Sarah Palin. Put her on shows that asked her to interpret the “Bush Doctrine” and insult her by asking her if she reads.

We all know who the worst media are. MSNBC is bad. CBS is terrible. NBC is full of itself. Forget PBS, especially if you want to cut their funding. Fox News has a huge audience. I suspect you could win a campaign just going on that network and the conservative blogosphere.

I wonder who will be announcing next, especially on the GOP side. Jeb Bush will likely embrace liberal media, feeding off the softball interviews until he becomes the viable Republican. Then his campaign will be over as they destroy him to get a Democrat elected.


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